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Haley paige dress

Has anyone worn, considered a haley paige dress. If so what are your thoughts on her dresses?

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  • I bought guindon and I love it. It's very flattering. I'm petite and thought I'd get completely swallowed by a big gown, but I'm not.
  • Omg, I just bought a guindon gown too. It was the first gown I tried and fell in love with.

    Hayley Paige designs for the modern-chick bride.
  • Oh I tried that that dress. What I like about her line is it's so different from the typical box store dresses. I am wearing Juliet ( it was a close one with Londyn and dori) it was the third dress I tried on I have a few specific changes bill make when I get alterations but I love it. I was just nervous I rushed it by not going to more places or looking at other designers. Not many ppl seem to know about haley paige it seems. I also am using Jim hjelm bridesmaid dresses which she co designs.
  • I was convinced I was going to get the Carrie dress.  I went to Kleinfelds during her sample sale and met her and tried on several of her dresses.  They looked awful on me unfortunately because hey are super short waisted and I have a longer torso.  Even she said they didn't look right on me.  

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    I bought Haley Paige- Londyn. She's being created now, should be done soon. Everyone I show the picture to say how unique it looks with the waved skirt and bolded ends. I'm sure that's a regular thing to say, but I absolutely love it. I can dress it up with belt, necklace, and headpiece. It's plain enough so I can dress it up, but unique enough so it's not every old regular white dress. 
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  • I tried on the Haley Paige Cricket at Nordstrom and it was really lovely. Ultimately I found other dresses I liked much more, but it was a very pretty dress. The quality seemed great, especially for the price. 
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