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What veil should I wear?

hello all! I attached a picture of my dress on the model. I wanted some opinions as to what would be a good veil length and if I should have any beading or anything... I'm planning on wearing my hair down and curled, similar to the model. I was thinking maybe a flowy waltz length? No birdcage. Just not my style. Well let me know! Pictures of veils would be appreciated!

Re: What veil should I wear?

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    I think a waltz length would be very nice.  So would a fingertip or even a cathedral length veil if you really want some drama.  I also think thin beading on the edge would be nice as well.

    I would suggest going back to your bridal salon where you bought the dress and trying on some different veils with your dress if possible.  Then search Etsy or in the accessory section or even talk to a seamstress about making you one.  Don't buy one from the bridal salon if you can help it because they are incredibly overpriced.

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