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Navy blue bridesmaid dress with what color suit?

My BM's will be wearing a Bill Levkoff long navy blue dress. My initial thought was to do tan suits (the wedding is in March..outside ceremony in the hotel courtyard and the reception inside the ballroom). I just started the search for a tan suit and I am not loving the options. I don't really want to do gray, so my question is, would black suits be okay? The ceremony is at 4:30pm. I want it look classy and romantic.

Re: Navy blue bridesmaid dress with what color suit?

  • Yep, totally fine. Can't do images right from mobile but here's an example -

  • My BMs wore navy dresses and the GMs wore black suits. It doesn't matter if they match - its not prom. They had their own spouses/dates. And literally they were only next to each other for the 20 seconds they were walking in and out.

    It was cheaper for our guys to buy a decent suit than to rent a tux. They appreciated having a basic black suit that they can wear to anything.

    Tan would look good too but going forward, black might be more useful to them.

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    Black suits will be fine, worn with classic white shirts and a tie.  You might also consider dark charcoal grey,
    Tan is not a classic suit color.  I would discourage that idea.
  • Thanks everyone! I appreciate the opinions and help!
  • I agree!Usually a black suit will be ok,
  • I had navy blue BM dresses and the boys ended up in navy suits as well (we also originally wanted tan, but didn't love any options).  Our bridal party looked awesome. 
  • Black is fine.

    I have black dress pants that I wear to work... and I wear my favorite navy shoes with them all the time.

    My bridesmaids will have navy dresses, my groom will have a gray suit, and his groomsmen will have navy blazers and gray pants. Navy goes with almost everything... its the new neutral. 
  • @Cafarrie - I have thought about doing navy and navy... I have been in 2 weddings where both sides of the bridal parties wore black. It was so chic and elegant. I love the idea of navy and navy but was afraid it was too much... however, I will absolutely revisit the idea :) 

    If we were to end up going with gray, what color linens would look good? 
  • I have navy blue BM dresses and I'm going with charcoal suits for the guys. The heather gray suits seem kind of informal to me, but charcoal is that nice balance between classy and unique. Our dad's are wearing black too so it'll still look nice with navy. Charcoal would just soften it up a bit for you.
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