After the Destination Wedding: Affordable outdoor reception venue without catering requirements.

I am looking for any suggestions on outdoor venues or areas (parks, shelters, pavilions, etc.) near the twin cities or st could area. This would be used for an outdoor wedding reception in June or July after we return home from our Cancun destination wedding! Looking for an area that would not require specific caterers or alcohol vendors.

Any ideas or suggestions are welcomed! Pros and cons of any suggested areas is very much appreciated!

Thanks so much,

Re: After the Destination Wedding: Affordable outdoor reception venue without catering requirements.

  • What you are planning is not a wedding reception. It can be a party celebrating your marriage, but a wedding reception is the event that immediately follows your wedding. Your wedding reception will happen in Cancun. If you decide to have a party, you should not re-create your wedding, wear your wedding gown, have spotlight dances or a ceremonial cake cutting, etc. These are some threads from the etiquette board addressing this:  

    As far as outdoor parties, I know that you can rent out space at the Lake Harriet bandshell but I don't know the details. And Lake Harriet is absolutely beautiful in the summer.

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  • If you want to wear your dress, have cake, customary dances, etc. GO FOR IT!  The people on the etiquette boards be darned.  This is Minnesota, we have things like open bars, not hosted ones as the norm.  My BIL & SIL had the whole shebang party when they returned from their DW, no big deal!!!  Not everyone can afford to travel nor wants to go to Cancun!  Unless they've got a honeymoon registry that they include wthin the invites, the tacky level isn't there by comparison!

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