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Black Friday Bridal Sales

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I got my wedding gown on Black Friday for more than half off. Check with your local bridal salon to see f they are running specials on dresses and/or accessories. DH purchased his tux at Macy's - a gorgeous Calvin Klein tux for $150. He owns a tux for less than it would have cost to rent one!

It's a great day to save on wedding related expenses.
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Re: Black Friday Bridal Sales

  • Yes, I second this! I went to a bridal shop on Saturday and fell in love with a dress. I was on the fence because there was another dress at a different store I loved for the same price, so to make the sale my consultant offered me their Black Friday sale price even though it was a week early. Got my dress for 40% off! She did say the store is nuts on actual Black Friday, but I had no idea bridal shops even did Black Friday.
  • I got my gown on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and it was 20% off plus another 10% for opening a credit card. I selected the gown in September but didn't place the order, and the consultant called to tell me about the deal. If you're close to ordering your gown and are waiting to do it, call the salon because they might be running a special.
  • I got mine in Feb, but I got it 1/2 off! It was $700 dress but got it for $350!

  • Davids Bridal is having a 50% off online sale!!!! Yesterday (11-29-14) purchased my Zac Posen $699.99 gown for $349 plus free shipping!!!! SCORE!!!!
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  • Yes,it is really a good chance to save money!One of my friend get her wedding dress on Black Friday and it is really very cheap.
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