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I hate draping, chair covers, etc. I'm very interested in the Pine Peaks Event Center (Crosslake, MN) venue but the problem is the reception area. My vision of a shabby chic, rustic, garden inspired, lush green scene just isn't fulfilled with a room full of white curtains. My original intention for a garden type of wedding was in order to lessen the decor required to purchase by having a gorgeous venue. Unfortunately my other requirement - having a venue open later than midnight - has prevented me from choosing one of many beautiful garden/barn venues. 
Does anybody have any ideas on ways to cover up ugly draping? I was thinking of a few shabby chic stations, settee, etc. A succulent wall. Pallet walls. 
Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated. 
I've included some pics. The top 2 are examples of looks that I like, the bottom is a picture of the venue. 
Thank you all.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Re: Ugly Walls

  • wrigleyvillewrigleyville Chicago
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    Have you asked if the draping is temporary or permanent? It looks like it might be on temporary rods (spring-coiled rods), which means you may be able to ask them to take it down. The hall looks like it has white, wood paneling, which would fit the shabby chic theme.

  • Up lighting softens the walls.  Also, depending on the time of year, your florist or local garden center might be able to arrange renting trees.  Spend some time focusing on your table arrangements.  Guests spend more time looking at the centerpieces than the walls. The tables really do set the tone.  
  • I can picture that space looking right in line with your vision with some rented tables and chairs in a nice wood maybe (no linens), some rented trees around the walls, some greenery worked into maybe a ceiling "chandelier" hanging down the middle, and some soft amber up lighting on the walls. 
  • jenijoykjenijoyk
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    Any way you could swap out the ceiling swags and the little tiny sparkly lights for bigger "al fresco" lights? Like the big clear bulb ones? Those have a garden feel to me.

    Like these:

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