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Cheap picture frames?

Hi all, I'm looking for tabletop photo frames to hold our table numbers at the reception. Our venue has a lot of smaller tables so we will probably need 17-20 frames, so I only want to spend a few bucks on each one. I'm looking for something silver and vintage-y, 4x6 or 5x7 (or a mix of both sizes).

I'm picturing something like this, but a bit bigger:

They had some at Target but the local store seems to have been cleaned out after Black Friday! What are good places to look?


Re: Cheap picture frames?

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    You can find very similar frames at The Dollar Store or Dollar Tree. You can buy them in bulk online. Although she used different frames of varying sizes, my daughter bought all her frame needs at The Dollar Store.
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  • I bought mine and dollar tree, too
  • I hadn't thought to look at the Dollar Tree! We went today and bought 20, a few different sizes and styles. Thanks!!
  • I see you're all set, but in case anyone else needs frames, check in with some relatives. I got a huge box of cheap, ugly wood frames from sizes 4x6 to 11x14 from my mom, who was moving in the year before my wedding. I picked some and spray painted them silver. They looked amazing. You'd never have known they were free (and previously very ugly!).  We framed photos of our parents and grand parents weddings, and also had bar menus framed on the bars. 
  • Always shop around! I have found many items for my wedding on craigslst, the dollar tree, and ebay. I also recently made several large purchases from the KNOT wedding shop with their Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals which saved me a ton!
  • Check IKEA!
  • I got a 10 piece set of distressed frames, all the same color scheme, from Etsy. The shop I went with charged $100 for the 10 frames, which is a little expensive. The reason I was willing to spend more though was because I plan on using them to display our wedding pictures in our home after the wedding. I saw some more wallet friendly options there though!
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