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Westport for Bachelorette Party?

Hey all,

So my girls and I are trying to plan my bachelorette party for end of March. I was wondering how Westport sounds? I know there's a few fun bars there - Jive and Wail, Trainwreck Saloon, etc. We're also planning on catching a show at The Funny Bone and eating dinner at Drunken Fish. We'll also get a hotel room at one of the nearby hotels. I think it sounds like a fun night, but I was wondering if I could get any opinions or perspectives from other people who have either gone to Westport for a bachelorette party, or just for a fun night out in general. I've never been there at night before so I don't know how the "nightlife" is there, so to speak. Do you think it will be a fun time or kind of boring? Thanks for any replies!


Re: Westport for Bachelorette Party?

  • I went to school out there.  It's not too popular any more.  But if you not wanted to be surrounded by crows of people, that the place to go.  If you want crowds, go to Ballpark Village. 
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