Wedding Planner yes/no?

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Hey ladies, looking for some advice :)

Thinking about hiring a wedding planner. Wasn't sure if it's worth the money in my wedding budget. I was wondering what kind of questions you wish you could have spoken to a wedding planner about? Or things that would have been helpful to know or have assistance with.

Thanks! :)

Re: Wedding Planner yes/no?

  • I am a big advocate for hiring a wedding planner if you have the budget.  At the very least hire a DOC. My wedding planner has been such a big help to me with finding vendors, making appointments, asking questions, keeping me on schedule, giving me ideas, keeping me grounded, and just being a friend.  We even go to Zumba class together!  LOL!  I would be a wreck with the planning without her as my job schedule has been wretched for quite some time now.  I use my planner for all aspects of planning which cost a pretty penny but it is worth it to me.  

    Most planners offer packages for every budget and need so shop around.  As I said before definitely hire a DOC if nothing else.  A DOC on your wedding day will be priceless and you don't want the headache of dealing with all of the stuff that needs to be dealt with that day while in your wedding dress.  

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