Wedding Planner yes/no?

Hey ladies, looking for some advice :)

Thinking about hiring a wedding planner. Wasn't sure if it's worth the money in my wedding budget. I was wondering what kind of questions you wish you could have spoken to a wedding planner about? Or things that would have been helpful to know or have assistance with.

Thanks! :)

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    I pretty much planned my entire wedding by myself, but the closer I got to my big day, the more I felt overwhelmed. I called Wonda Bonner at Partyopia Planning and she has been a GOD SENT. Seriously. She is amazing. She emails me weekly and takes care of EVERYTHING! We have already had two walk throughs with the lighting guy and the caterer (all coordinated by her) and she is just… incredible. I couldn't recommend her more. She charges $800. thats it. $800 for a stress free wedding day. She is just my DOC but in reality she is soooo much more! Tell her Kristy sent you. 
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    I have worked in this industry for years...and here's what I see with wedding planners.  We watch these TV shows where the planners do truly amazing events.  As "civilians", if you will, most of us cannot afford to hire professional wedding planners.  Honestly, they are very expensive.  So we search for wedding planners and here's what we end up with...
    Most wedding planners are women just like us, they planned their own wedding.  And they loved every single second of it!  At their event they are told over and over how awesome their wedding is!  Best wedding ever, they hear that all evening.  After the wedding, post wedding blues set in and the planning ceases.  Your average wedding planner then emerges.  She is a new bride who loved planning so much that she looks at her new husband and says "I SHOULD BE A WEDDING PLANNER!  EVERYONE LOVED OUR WEDDING!"  Of course the new hubby totally agrees and a business is born.  
    Proceed with caution if you hire a wedding planner.  Make sure they have a few years of experience behind their belt and find out exactly what they are going to do for you.  Ask how many weddings they have coordinated and how many people were at those weddings.  If you're having a wedding of 200+ and hire a planner who has done really small events, that planner is probably not a good fit.  Also, look closely at their website.  I came across one planner who plastered her website with pictures from her own wedding!  RED FLAG!  Planners should have relationships with photographers and have the permission to use some of the pictures from weddings they planned!  Also ask for references, any planner should have a list of former clients to use as references.  My advice for anyone hiring a planner, proceed with caution....
    Also, see what your venue offers in terms of assistance.  My venue includes the planner for the wedding day, and many do!  

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