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Hello!  Anybody in Colorado have a good referral for cake?  I'm budget conscious, but would like something simple but nice.  Local referrals would be greatly appreciated!  My wedding is in Hudson, CO (30 miles NE of downtown Denver).

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  • Not yet, but I'm doing research right now.  My first tasting is a week from Saturday.  I live near Hudson (west of Brighton) and am getting married in Longmont, so anybody I pick will probably be in the area.  
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  • Julie, who are you doing tastings with? Would love to hear your reviews!
  • I just did my tasting yesterday with Indulge Bakery in Lafayette.  I haven't done any others but I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with them.  Their cakes were delicious, and they make all in house, no mixes, no preservatives.  I'm doing a small 2 tier cutting cake, a sheet cake, and then a dessert bar with all kinds of stuff.  It ended up being way cheaper than I was thinking it would be... under $500.  I had $500 budgeted so I'll probably add in more desserts to get to the $500 mark.  

    The tastings are free but they book up since they only do them I think 2 days a week at 3 times.  
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    Thanks for the info!  We need to start comparing notes on these things since we're so close.  I'm doing my first cake tasting this coming Saturday.  I'm finding a lot of vendors want to charge extra to drive to Hudson, so finding vendors on the north side of Denver is what I'm focusing on..  I just picked a DJ, now I'm on cake and need to figure out chair and linen rentals!  When is your wedding?
  • Mine is 9/12/15.  

    For linens, I actually researched online and found was cheaper for tablecloths than renting, I plan on buying mine there once I figure out my table configurations.  And, they had lots of nice colors.  

    Even Denver folks might charge to drive to Hudson, I'd look for like, Longmont or Brighton vendors if you can.  

    Who did you pick for your DJ and what was the cost?  I still need to do that.
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