Lantern Centerpieces, Cutlery, Tablecloths FOR SALE

Wedding Items for Sale

Photos below, and more are available upon request.  I am happy to arrange pick-up/drop-off in the DC metro area.  

22 Wooden Lantern Centerpieces ($35/each)


25 Navy 120” Round Navy Tablecloths ($12/each)

1 White Tablecloth 90x156” ($9 – this one has a cluster of very small black dots in a small patch on the side – it would hang down off most tables and not be noticeable)

1 White 90x90 Tablecloths ($12)

2 90”x 132” White Tablecloths ($12/each)

73 White Cloth Dinner Napkins ($0.75/each)


Cutlery:  $400 total for the lot

212 Steak Knives ($0.85/each)

199 Salad Forks ($0.45/each)

204 Dinner Forks ($0.45/each)

113 Spoons ($0.45/each)


“Upscale” Rigid Plastic Cups: $145 total

16 oz tumblers – 300

9 oz tumblers – 1160

Re: Lantern Centerpieces, Cutlery, Tablecloths FOR SALE

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