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MOH and Best Woman attire

My Broom (Fiancé made up her own term) will be having her best friend, who is a woman, as her Best Woman (best man) and I will have my friend as my Maid of Honor. Our question is whether the Best Woman and MOH should be matching? We want them both to wear dresses but we are unsure as to whether they should be wearing the same color, dress, or not match each other at all. I will be wearing a long vintage dress for our morning ceremony and my Broom will be wearing slacks, dress shirt and vest.

Re: MOH and Best Woman attire

  • I wanted my wife's maid of honer (her daughter) and my maid of honer(my dearest friend) to wear the same dress. In the pictures it looks great, I would not have changed it. For me it was important, do what your vision for the best day of your life is to you.
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    If they are both comfortable wearing dresses, then I think it's really up to you whether they wear the same color or not. I've seen it done both ways and both look great. Please don't get caught up a vision though, put your nearest and dearest ahead of any visions of your wedding day. GL! :)
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  • It's really up to you and the person standing up for you both.  You could have them in matching dresses, but different colors. Or same color, but different dresses.   If they both want to wear dresses, I'd pick a color, and length, and tell them to pick whatever dress they want to wear in that color/length.  That way they get to wear what they are comfortable in. 

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    At a friend's wedding where I was a best woman, there was a bit of mix-and-match. The theme was all metallics and the dresses were all made in the same fabric but different colours - gold and silver. I was in silver, the bride's maid of honour was in silver, and an MC/reader was in silver, I think, while the rest were in gold. I believe the men also had a mix of gold vests/ties and silver. You could do something similar with any palette, or you could have the colours match.
  • The women on my side are in dresses and the women on her side are wearing the same color and dresses. I think it looks nice and simple. It's really want your wanting and what you think will fit best for you two! Good Luck!
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