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Ceremony at the Reception

I'm getting married Oct 10th.  Still trying to plan/work out the kinks. We have 5 kids together, there'll be no attendants (can't possibly choose from among friends and family without hurting feelings), and we live together so had originally thought to arrive and walk down the aisle together.  With the advent of my dad wanting to do "his thing", I'm completely confused.  There are no nice parks around the area and FI does not want a church wedding, he's relenting enough to use a pastor but thats as far as he goes *lol*  I have the reception hall booked, and was curious if anyone else is/has planned their ceremony at the reception.  I.e. the first 20 minutes or so being the ceremony while everyone is sitting at their chairs.  I'm not sure of the logistics of it, add to it that my dad wants to walk me down the aisle again and I'm all confused.  Any advice?  

Re: Ceremony at the Reception

  • Jells2dot0Jells2dot0 Cowtown mod
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    There are lots of couples who have their ceremony and reception at the same location. Some people have the ceremony in one room and then flow the guests into another room for the cocktail hour and then yet another room for the reception; others have the ceremony in one room and then flow guests into another room and just start the reception right away; others just have the ceremony and then the food service starts right away in that same area. I'd check with the site to see how they can accommodate. just make sure the guests are properly hosted and everyone has seats for the entire duration!


  • When I was engaged, moons ago, we were having the ceremony and reception at the same venue but in different rooms. I have attended several weddings where the venue was the same and even in the same room. (It was set up different for each though and a cocktail hourwas arranged in between to set the tables for dinner). It saves a lot of money too!


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    My ceremony and reception were in the same room. We asked all he guests to go outside for a group photo and the venue state took those 10 mins to flip the room. The tables were already set behind the pipe and draping in the back of the room. 

    I've been to a wedding where the guests sat at their table for the ceremony, it took place on the dance floor so everyone could see. Both of these are good option if a second room is not available.

    Just make sure the venue staff will setup and move chairs and tables as needed. Your guests should not be doing the work.

    GL!  :)
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  • Yep, I went to a wedding once where the guests sat at the reception tables for the ceremony. Guests were seated on benches at long tables rather than in chairs, so it didn't even require anyone to turn chairs around; half the guests just turned themselves around after the ceremony. I'd talk to your venue about how they'd prefer to handle it, but it's definitely a thing.
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  • Mine will be in the same location...if you consider the yard one location lol!
    Alot of people do it all in one place. My cousin did hers in one place, it was an outdoor venue, but everyone was seated at their tables, they made room between tables as an aisle for her to walk down. After the ceremony, everyone stood up and clapped, they came around and thanked everyone, then dinner was served. Dancing was done up in the space in front of the "altar."
  • Oh you also need to get permission from the venue for the ceremony to be performed there. My "dream venue" only allows receptions--no ceremonies whatsoever. So I quickly ruled them out. The whole reason I wanted them was for the ceremony!
  • We are getting married and reception at same place. An Irish pub. We wanted easy for guests as well as us. We are getting married in Vegas and didn't want people wasting money on taxis to get from one venue to another. 
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  • justkatnowjustkatnow member
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    We also are having ours at the same place for both.  We opted to do a barn wedding. The ceremony will be outside and reception inside.  We didn't want a church wedding either.  While we are getting our pictures done, our guests can play cornhole, horseshoes or croquet. Hoping for a fun day!

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