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Stuff that you're not sure if it makes you totally weird or not


Re: Stuff that you're not sure if it makes you totally weird or not

  • KatWAG said:

    When I was little I felt so badly for people who didn't speak English. I thought it must be so hard for them to hear something in Spanish/ French/ Chinese/ etc and then have to translate it in their heads. Then to reply they would think of what to say in English and then translate it back to the other language.

    It never occurred to me that people were capable of thinking in other languages.

    I grew up bilingual, so this was never my issue.  

    But it made me think about how I never understood making monetary change.  Like, my dad gives you money to pay for something and you're giving him back money that someone else used to pay for something.  If you're just giving away all the money, how are you getting anything in exchange for what you're selling.

    I also remember thinking that turn signals on cars were controlled by the car behind.  Like, if my dad is in the left turn lane, I can see the turn signal clicker on his dashboard.  I can also see the back turn signal of the car in front of us.  So, obviously my dad's car is remotely controlling the back lights of our neighbor in front of us.

    In third grade I used to pretend to be my own twin.  (I don't have a twin.)  I also claimed I was born on the rings of Saturn.
  • lightningsnowlightningsnow New Hampshire
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    I also talk to myself randomly at times and I have also envisioned bad things just randomly happening to me, my parents, the BF, etc.

    BF constantly starts conversations or stories in the middle and expects me to realize what is supposed to be at the beginning of the stories. It's usually about his day at work which makes it a bit easier for me to pick up the beginning but if it's something else, I look at him and tell him he started in the middle again.
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  • arrippaarrippa Sam Adams Craft Commonwealth
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    littlepep said:

    I am ALWAYS talking to myself. It helps me think to say things out loud so oftentimes at work I'm mumbling something to myself like, ok we've got this event book, but now I need to send out the agenda, etc. It's super awkward because my coworkers always have headphones on and they think I'm talking to them so they stop and are like what?? I'm like ehh just talking to myself... 

    I even do it when I'm driving, going over my to do list or something. I just hope people think I'm singing instead of talking myself. 

    I talk to myself as well. An old boss of mine even told me it was unprofessional to do that but I am an auditory learner and that's how I process thoughts.

  • blabla89blabla89 Atlanta
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    I talk to my dog all the time, and the dog talks back to me in the silly voice I've made up for him. FI has a voice for his dog too, so it's not totally weird, but one time I accidentally did it in front of an acquaintance. I was super embarrassed but he thought it was funny.
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  • ashley8918ashley8918 Chicago Suburbs
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    I sniff dishes before I use them. Cups, forks, plates, etc. all get sniffed. Sometimes they smell funky and I dont want to use them! lol
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  • jenna8984jenna8984 clam bakes & patriots
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    I also have a lot of conversations in my head, and that often leads to wild gesturing and overly expressive faces, while I'm sitting alone in the car or walking down the hallway. But I always have SUCH GREAT COMEBACKS in my head!

    I also developed really strange attachments to the most random inanimate objects. Like I would be cleaning my room and just suddenly think "what if all these THINGS have feelings and I'm just throwing them away?" I saved this little blue piece of cut off plastic lanyard floss and made it a little house inside a jewelry box.

    I somehow got it in my mind that what if WE were all dolls living in a doll house. The ones I was playing with, I was like what if I'm someone's that they are playing with?! And when we sleep at night, it's because they are sleeping.

    I also didn't understand why things couldn't be never-ending. For example, a granola bar or a popsicle. I remember pushing it up from it's wrapper and thinking "Why can't it just keep pushing up forever? Why does it have to have an end?" lol



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