Restaurants with Private or Semi-Private dining

We're having a small wedding with immediate family only.  IF everyone invited attends there will be a total of 14 people, but I am planning on having 12 (and that includes a 7, 9 and 13 year old- all well behaved) at most.  What are some nice(r) venues that offer private/semi private dining options?  Because of our party size I figure it may be easier and no more or less expensive to take our family someplace with great food and ambiance instead of working with a venue that offers a limited menu just because you mention the word wedding.  

Other info: I'm planning our event from Atlanta and am not that familiar with the area.  We are getting married on a Wednesday in June. I am open to places that do brunch/lunch.  Bonus points for restaurants that may fit in with an art deco/great gatsby kind of vibe.  

Re: Restaurants with Private or Semi-Private dining

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