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Pots? Which did you get?

So I know I am going to register for new pots/pans. When I moved into my own place I bought one of those $100 or so sets with 5 pots with lids. I am now looking for something a bit nicer. I do not need one of the absolute top of the line sets I see running for $1300 for 5 pots with lids. That is too much for me. On the other hand I do not want another just-out-of-college starter set.

Do any of you have opinions of a good quality brand/set? I do not mind registering for individual pots so it is easier for people to just buy one but like I said, I think over $200 a pot is a bit much for me.

Re: Pots? Which did you get?

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    I registered for a 10-piece stainless steel set from Calphalon. It retails for $279 at Macy's, but are currently on sale from $199.99.  

    I'm not sure about the overall long term quality.  I picked them because they weren't too expensive and because they were stainless steel (I hate nonstick) 
  • I second the Calphalon vote... We registered for Calphalon, and their new line is non stick and dishwasher safe. Like PP said, they also have stainless steel options. Rather than registering for the set, we registered for each piece individually so that people could purchase what they wanted, rather than have to spring for the whole thing.
  • We registered for a Calphalon set that was around $600 or so. A couple of close family friends went in together and bought the set for us.

    Don't add stuff to your registry that you don't really want because you think it's too expensive. As a guest, I'd much rather get you the things you want than something you compromised on. If there's something that's not in my price range, I'll just pick something that is.

  • It seems OXO, Lenox (new, Performance series), and Cuisinart (multiclad line) have some good stuff. The Multiclad by Cuisinart has the longest track record, and great ratings, but can be hard to find in a store, especially in open stock. The other two have markings inside for measuring (who knows how long the markings would last). Because All-Clad has a D5 line, their tri-ply is getting less attention and (I hope) different pricing. I came across a site once that noted Emerilware was All-clad, with less quality control behind it. The Calaphan display had stained/used pans and somehow it turned me away in store, also all the rounded edges seem awkward to store with.

    It's okay to not get a set, and just select a 2-3 pots for the sizes you use. Less to store, guests can buy one or two high quality pieces. After a friends' move I decided, I'm not going to go for the matching set, too much to pack. If you host big family meals, and will use the whole set, go for it.

    My opinions: I tend to assume that nonstick coatings/materials have a shelf life and don't like how you have to have use certain utensil on it. The care/warranty on composite pots, make me nervous to clean them as well.

    I'd aim for Tri-ply (no disc bottom, prefer fully clad), that are induction friendly (a magnet can stick to the bottom).  
  • amelishaamelisha Canadian Texas member
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    I've got a higher-end Lagostina set purchased ten years ago that are still in excellent condition and conduct heat brilliantly, and they weren't obscenely expensive either. The tri-ply, like someone else said, is good to look for. I didn't get nonstick because I'm rough with my kitchen stuff and I'd rather buy a couple less expensive nonstick saucepans and replace them as needed. I'm not careful enough to keep expensive nonstick stuff in good condition.

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  • chibiyuichibiyui The Boring Part of MD member
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    I have Emerilware, generally, anything made by/marketed as All-Clad, Cuisinart, or Calphalon is good. 

  • I'm registering for Le Creuset.  We currently have cast iron and absolutely love it.  Takes a lot more care (seasoning and all) but will last a lifetime.  Le Creuset is cast iron but you don't need to season it.  We considered our options but we heard a lot of negative reviews about stainless steel, and we've used coated pans that don't last over 5 years.  I just want something I won't need to worry about replacing down the line.
  • levioosalevioosa Southern California member
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    My dream pots are the All Clad Copper Core collection. 

    I've heard decent things about Calphalon and Cuisinart though.

  • I registered for a 10-piece stainless steel set from Calphalon. It retails for $279 at Macy's, but are currently on sale from $199.99.  

    I'm not sure about the overall long term quality.  I picked them because they weren't too expensive and because they were stainless steel (I hate nonstick) 
    This is what we registered for too. We found them at Kohls and Macy's for around the same price. We mainly liked that they were stainless steal and we had heard good things about Calphalon anyway. 
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  • I registered for (and received) the All-Clad 7 piece stainless steel set. I think it was around $700 or so. I love it! But the handles are really narrow and a bit awkward and it can be tough to use when pots and pans are full of heavy food. Otherwise, they seem very durable and cook really well. I cook a lot so it was important to have a really nice set.

    We also have a 5 piece cast iron set from the Lodge. I use the large skillet about once or twice per month, so shelling out the $$ for le cruset wasn't worth it for me.

    I also have one non-stick pan. In my opinion, no non-stick pan will really last forever - the non-stick surface always flakes off, so I didn't want a full non-stick set and really only use it for super picky foods like eggs.
  • lyndausvilyndausvi Western Slope, Colorado mod
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    We are All-clad people. We have about 8 pieces?  Not sure, but we use all but the stock pot on a regular basis.

    We also have 2 non-stick frying pans.  My T-Fal one is 10+ years old and in great shape.  We use it pretty often.   The other one is the GreenPan.    We've had that for about 5 years and it's in good shape too.   Make sure you season the pan.

    Then we have various other items from various other companies.  Le Creuset, Stubb and a bunch others I couldn't tell you the names.

    DH is a professional chef and buys most of that stuff on his own.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • I'm a Calphalon gal. Set of Contemporary plus a few pieces of Unison to round it out.

  • My FI and I, same as several of the PPs, registered for Calphalon pots and pans. They seemed to be an affordable price but you still get several different sizes.
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  • FI and I bought a set of Lagostina pots when we moved in together, so now we're just registering for the random sauce pans and woks we don't have but would like. So I'd go for Lagostina. I find they're easy to clean (even the non-stick ones) and are great to cook with.
  • JoanE2012JoanE2012 Exit 21 (Jersey!) member
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    We have Calphalon Contemporary stainless steel and like it.
  • julieanne912julieanne912 member
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    I already have some stuff I like, so I registered for specific pieces.  The sets that are sold often ended up with many pieces that you'll never use:

    Calphalon 5 qt non-stick dutch oven (to replace my one that has seen better days, but I love it for making pasta)

    Calphalon 2 piece non-stick frying pan set, 12" and 5", again to replace a sad set I have.

    All Clad stainless steel tri ply fry pan with lid, 12".  wanted a skillet that I could do from stove to oven for things I can't use my cast iron for (like stuff in tomato or citrusy sauces)

    Lodge 14" cast iron wok 

    Calphalon Tri Ply Stainless steel 5 qt saute pan with lid 

    Cuisinart stainless steel roaster

    Le Creuset 5 qt enameled dutch oven

    Brands like Cuisinart and Calphalon have different quality levels.  So, the big sets you see for $200.00 likely won't be super high quality, despite the name brand.  You have to study what they're made out of, how the handles are attached, etc.
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  • We registered for the CuisineArt Chef's Classic stainless Steel 11 piece set and we are getting it as a shower gift and it has got great reviews on all the sites. For now I think those will fit our needs and wants as we didn't want something extremely expensive but not cheap either

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