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To DJ or Not Dj.... That is the question.

  Im  less than 10 days out from my destination wedding. I have expressed to my wedding coordinator the interest in a DJ. Now I may be just being a bit anal  but I had CD's made of all of our song lists to be played during the dinner hour and reception, just in case. Now may I mention my wedding is in DR, I have 30 guest coming and the reception is an big aspect to us. Should I trust the WC or go with my gut and bring my own music? Thanks in advance.

Re: To DJ or Not Dj.... That is the question.

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    If it's in your budget, I'd stick with the DJ and bring your CDs as back-ups. Our DW DJ was great, and he didn't even speak English. We gave him a list of "must plays" and a list of "do not plays" which he stuck to and as far as I know, he just smiled and nodded at suggestions from guests. Our planner was our go between for things like the first dance, and getting a mic for a toast. Having someone who could start and stop the music easily, match the music to the flow of the reception, and just having someone else deal with it was worth it for us.
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  •  Thank you for you feedback! This gives me a little more of an idea of what to expect.
  •  Well Knotties,

     To follow up on my own question we utilized both!

  •  Glad that you've got something to work for you. This thread has actually given me an idea, so thanks a lot! :)  
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