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Hair/Makeup Trial for DW?

Hi all, 

I am curious to know how you all who have or are having DW did hair trials. I am having my DW in Florida, so we were thinking of maybe going down to the resort for vacation this summer and while we were there having them do a hair/makeup trial, mostly because it really freaks me out to wait until the day of, mostly bc I have really hard to work with hair. If I don't like what they do the first time, there is likely no fixing it on the day of :/ My other thought was to have someone in my home town do a consultation just to see what looks best, then take pictures and try and have someone re-create that. I know it's not the same since someone else will be doing it for the wedding, but my thought is that I can at least get an idea of how it will look and if I hate it to try something else. 

What have you all done? Has it worked well? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! 

Re: Hair/Makeup Trial for DW?

  • WinstonsGirlWinstonsGirl The Cold North
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    I did what you're thinking.  I had my regular stylist do a trial with me. She did a structured up do, took photos and then did a looser up do and took photos.  I showed the second set to my stylist in Hawaii.  Yes, the look was different than what my stylist did, but it gave the DW stylist an idea and she did something similar.  I've got long, thick, coarse wavy hair, so it take s a lot of work too.   

    ETA - But if you're going down there anyway, do the trial, even if it's months early.  It'll give you peace of mind too
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  • saric83saric83
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    I also had my hometown stylist do my hair and brought all of the pictures.  It was great to have a realistic point of reference, and I was more comfortable asking her to modify it throughout the process than someone new who wasn't familiar with my hair.  

    I honestly probably wouldn't bother doing it there on your trip this summer unless you know for sure that the stylist that does it is the one you have booked.  But regardless take tons of pictures.  
  • I ended up taking 2 trips to my destination - one to sort out all the details and one for the wedding about a month later. So I took care of my hair/makeup trials during the first trip. FIL gave us airline miles as a wedding gift to make this possible and we have family at our destination so that made it all easier. Honestly it made me feel a lot better to have it taken care of.

    If that's not possible, I do like the idea of having your regular stylist do it, taking pictures, and working with an on-location stylist to achieve the same/similar look.
  • princessleia22princessleia22 Oceanfront Property in Arizona
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    I scheduled a hair/makeup trial for 2 days before my wedding.  This allowed me to work with they stylist that would be doing it on wedding day and it was fresh in everyone's mind.  We still took several photos to ensure we kept it similar/same. It worked out great. I have fine hair that doesn't hold curl well, but I wanted a curly/wavy down style.  After the trial the curl went flat within a couple hours, so on my wedding day she knew to do tighter curls and use a lot more product. By the wedding, it was the perfect waviness I was been hoping for.


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