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Restaurant for reception? Orlando area

Have any of you fabulous ladies had their wedding reception at a restaurant (or plan to) in the Orlando, FL, area? I am looking for a space for around 35-50 guests. Preferably not too big, so it doesn't feel empty. I'm really loving the Leu Gardens for a ceremony site, but not too keen on the grandma drapes in their rental rooms, and all the hassle of having a caterer for a small amount of guests. Also loving the Highland Manor, but am afraid their ballroom would be too large. ANY advice is welcome! 

Re: Restaurant for reception? Orlando area

  • We're having our rehearsal dinner at 310 Lakeside right across from Lake Eola. I've seen some beautiful bridal and baby showers there. Not to big and you can rent out a private room.
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    I really like the idea of having the reception at a restaurant.
    I had spoken to a wedding planner i had considered using and she pretty much shot down the idea of a restaurant, saying we'll want the "big party" etc.  but honestly, the idea of a restaurant REALLY appeals to me.  it seems so much less stressful, you can do a set menu where the guests chose their meal AT the dinner and not have to worry about dancing and some of the other traditions that i really don't wanna do to be honest.

    We're just beginning our planning (i'm from Toronto, Ontario so i'm really intimidated by trying to plan a DW haha)

    But anyway, if i come across anything that seems interesting i'll share it (and i'd greatly appreciate it in return! :) )

    Good Luck!
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