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Bachelorette party- Castro

Hello! I'm am the matron of honor planning my little sister's bachelorette party. She has requested a bar crawl and dinner in the Castro district in San Francisco. The problem is I've never been there and I'm having a hard time finding information online. Any help with suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Re: Bachelorette party- Castro


    The Castro is a gay neighborhood, so if you or any in the party have any issue, this isn't the place. I have conflicted thoughts about the Castro.

    Pros: lots of bars, good food, generally nice people, lots of colors and fun personalities.
    Cons: lots of people, lack of parking (make overnight arrangements if you're not in SF), close enough to the Mission to have the bro-dude-douchebag spillover, most likely nobody will be hit on unless it's by other women.

    There will be lots of fruity drinks, so more changes for getting hammered faster. It's a fun place, just please do take care of each other in the group if some aren't familiar to city atmosphere.

    Now go have fun and have some of the most awesome drinks ever!
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