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KnotHollyKnotHolly New York, NY admin
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edited June 2015 in Knottie Tech Help
Hi all,

It recently came to our attention that members are not receiving replies from mods and admins after flagging a post for a TOS violation. Mods and admins were replying individually to your reported post to let you know that the post had been reviewed and to inform you whether or not the reported post violated the TOS. However, we realized last week that you were not seeing the replies. The admins were referencing documentation that was incorrect. After meeting with our technical team, we learned that you are not able to see replies to reported posts. Until last week, we had not been alerted to this fact and we were working under the assumption that you could see the replies. We apologize if you felt your reported post was ignored and for any confusion this might have caused. This was not the fault of our moderators. The mods were diligent in replying to all reported posts and we regret that the community was unable to see their replies.

We believe that it is important for you to know when a post you've reported has been reviewed and whether or not that post was found to be a violation. It gives us a chance to recognize you for making us aware of any issues on the boards and helps clarify the TOS for you. Moving forward, mods and admins will PM you after you report a post to let you know that the post was reviewed and whether or not it is in violation of our TOS.

Thank you!


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