Suggestions for Mismatched Dresses

I'd like to do mismatched dresses. Any suggestions on locations where they make this really easy? My friends have vetoed online shopping, though it would be a lot easier for me. I'd prefer to do actually mismatched dresses, not just same color and different style.

Re: Suggestions for Mismatched Dresses

  • You can literally go into any bridal salon and pick from a ton of different dresses. David's Bridal?
  • I second davids bridal - They have the fabric swatches so you can do ombre bridesmaids dresses
  • Be careful with Davids - my first marriage they lost my wedding gown and messed up my bridesmaids and MOH gown. Probably depends on the location.  I bet a lot of bridal stores are willing to work with you that are not a factory
  • I gave my bridesmaids free reign on stores (allowing them to shop within their own budget and style) I gave them my only two requirements - color and dress length. Two of my bridesmaids were in England so picking from one store was basically impossible, but the end result was beautiful with the different hues and styles
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