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NOLA Wedding Coordinators and Venue HELP!

I'm planning a destination wedding, and would LOVE some honest reviews of local coordinators and venues. Our overall budget is 20-30k, so I'd like to stay around 2-3k for a coordinator. THANK YOU! 

Re: NOLA Wedding Coordinators and Venue HELP!

  • well, with that budget you definitely have options!  I was a destination bride as well and had a really hard time finding a place.  Ultimately I ended up going with Chateau LeMoyne, which we were very happy with.  Especially the food being catered by Richard Fiske's Martini Bar (formerly The Bombay Club).  But these are a few others we explored.

    Rosies Jazz Hall- LOVED, loved this place but ended up just being outside our total budget of $12000 and has a minimum of 75ppl.
    The Pharmacy Museum- This one I really wish I could have gotten.  It gets booked well in advance and is a popular spot.  Beautiful courtyard, but you have to rent and arrange EVERYTHING.
    Hotel Mazzarian-  Beautiful hotel and reception space.  But again, outside our budget.
    Maison- A music venue that is really nice.  They were booked for us though.
    Tomas Bistro- I think that's how it's spelled.  Too big for us, but really nice.
    Irish Cultural Center- Beautiful courtyard.
    Cafe Amelie- again great courtyard, and food.
    Court of Two Sisters- amazing courtyard and food, historic charm.
    Latrobes- Incredible, but a splurge
    Race & Religious- again a splurge, but you can rent the whole place for ppl to stay.  It's beautiful but books out very early!!!! This is another I really would've liked.

  • Call Down Annie Lane.  They'll be able to plan you an amazing wedding on your budget.  You didn't say how many people you had, what season, if it's indoor/outdoor, what your major requirements are in a venue, etc, so it's hard to give you a rundown (I was also a destination bride and checked out almost every venue in the city) -- and depending on how far in advance you are planning, venue availability will be a consideration also - but if you call them, they'll take good care of you :-).

  • We have a similar budget and are working with Carolyn at All About Events - she's amazing - super responsive and helpful since we're planning from Los Angeles.  I wanted to be really hands on even from a far and she's great at guiding me in the right direction.  
  • I'm planning from LA, too! Would love to chat about what you've decided and how you plan on doing decor, diy, etc from here! 
  • okrunokrun
    If you're still looking for photography, check out LindseyKphotography.com
  • I second the Pharmacy Museum. I had a friend get married at Cafe Amelie and they raved about it, especially the support you get from the owners.
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