BE Weddings (Boston Eventworks) Bankrupt!

Hi fellow brides,

Trying to reach out to any future or newlywed brides (and grooms) who have been effected by the bankruptcy declaration of BE Weddings.

My fiancé and I used them for our photography, and since she has not been paid, she isn't sure whether she is still obligated to edit and finish our pictures (awesome!). Wanted to know if there were any other newlyweds in the same situation, and advise future planners to seek alternative arrangements!!!!!! 

We aren't sure whether we will sue yet - it's early days, but since we used them for or DJ and Pianist we paid this company almost $5,000 back in January… none of which ever reached our vendors! 


Re: BE Weddings (Boston Eventworks) Bankrupt!

  • I originally had a band contract with BE weddings but thankfully they withdrew it when they realized they double booked. I still received info about their Bankruptcy. Did your photographer sign your contract too, or just the agent? If it was also signed by the vendor, then I think she does need to honor your contract and finish your pictures. If she signed it then I would think it is up to her to try to get her money back from BE Weddings. However, even if just the agent signed it, I still think there is a very good case that she must honor the contract since the agent would have been acting on her behalf by virtue of being her agent. I feel like it is the photographer's problem for not getting their portion of the money from their OWN agent sooner and I think the law would likely agree. 
  • Thanks Tanner. That was our impression too, I don't understand why if you had a contract with a company you wouldn't get at least some of the money before the event and the rest afterwards - we had to pay a deposit so why wouldn't they expect one? Still waiting for our pictures and I fear it's about to get ugly.

    Any other brides screwed by this company and made to pay more than the contract stated?? There has to be someone!
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