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Welcome Long Island Knotties!

Welcome and congratulations on your engagement!We're so happy to have you here! Please feel free to introduce yourself to the board and tell us a little bit about your wedding planning. Your fellow knotties are here to help in any way possible- from listening to wedding and non-wedding related issues to vendor recommendations and everything in between.There's a Long Island Knottie Guide, so please check that out at: . Here we have a list of commonly used knottie lingo and codes as well as a list of our current LI knotties!If you have any other questions, please contact @KnotPorscha.

Re: Welcome Long Island Knotties!

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    add me please
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    Could I be added?  What does it mean to be added?  I just know that people are always asking to be added.  I am living in Cleveland but will be getting married on the Island and am mostly looking for help finding vendors. 
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    Hi, I'm Jen & I have plenty of time before I'm married to plan (Oct. 2011).

    Still working on a color scheme.

    I like a turquoise blue & orange or a chocolate brown with blue - trying to decide what combination would work out to look flattering on my varied complexions & body types in my bridesmaids.  I have a friend who is Irish & very fair & someone who is Italian & pretty warm complexioned. 
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    I am planning a New York wedding from Phoenix, AZ where we live. I have only been to New York a few times so this will be a bit of a challenge. We would love to get married at a nice venue by water but are on a budget. Does anyone have any suggestions? Smile
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    Hey everyone!

    I am planning my May 2011 LI wedding from Los Angeles!  Talk about a challenge!  Luckily I am from NY so I'm not totally lost, AND i have an incredible wedding planner, Jodi Baron helpong me with everything!  If any of you girls need a good planner I highly recommend her :)

    <3 J
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    Cheatu La Mer  in Linderhurst or The Riviera in Massapequa

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    Hi girls!

    I just got engaged on July 2. I will be getting married on LI in the fall of 2011.
    I'd love to chat with fellow briedes to be :)  Can anyone tell me how to add friends?


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    Hi, I'm new around here! My name is Chantelle and we are getting married July of 2011. Looking forward to talking to everyone!
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    Hi All!

    My name is Alia and I got engaged on June 4, 2010. We've already set a date (October 7, 2011) and booked the venue (early I know, but we knew it was the place when we saw it!!).  We are both super excited for future planning to come.

    Congratulations to all you girls, and happy planning!!

    Laughing - Alia
    xo Alia
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    Hi ladies!  I'm new to the message boards.  I live in Staten Island but will be getting married in Long Island October 2011.  I hope to to talk to other LI Knotties.  Looking forward to learning all the "codes" on here and sharing wedding info!
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    Hello everyone I am getting married at a church in Brooklyn on 10-22 but my reception is at the Chateau Briand in LI.
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    Hi Ladies!!! I am new to the message boards! We are from long island and plan to get married here as well. Me and my babe, got engaged on Christmas 2010. We are still trying to figure out the date. Good luck! and congrats to any whom has gotten married already or is about to be married. Add me as a pal, I'm lonley lol :D
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    I would like to be added as well. We just got engaged 1/20/2011. No date, no venue yet. Just trying to organize everything, and i'm sure I will be needing some of your helpLaughing

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    Hi there

    i'm mimi, from NY and just got engaged last weekend. I wanted to get married on the beach, something easy and relaxed and also in 3-4 months!

    i know people normally five this more time but i don't want to wait a whole year and for things to get out of hand. i wanted to know if anyone know if a very large house on the beach for us to rent and just have a ceremony on the beack and a little gathering later.

    thanks a million!

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    Hey y'all!  My name is Meri and my fiance Ed and I just got engaged on April 22, 2011 after dating for nearly 3 years.
    I'm an AEMT and a teacher and Ed is a college professor.
    We are looking to do have our wedding be low budget (under $5000).  We just don't understand why we need to spend tons of money to show our love and throw an awesome party.  I know living on LI that is going to be a HUGE challenge but we are up for it.
    Thinking of doing the reception (more as a laid back party) at a park somewhere and having it catered or do a potluck (as a friend of ours did last was the most awesome wedding ever).
    Let me know if anyone has any ideas.  We are looking into a date somewhere from May 2012-August 2012.

    Congrats to everyone and hopefully we can chat soon!
    Wedding Thoughts: "Low budget=lots of fun!"
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    Hey Gals, im new to the mssege boards as well, Ive been engaged for a few months now but I'm finally starting to look up venues, florists, photographers, etc.  I'm from New Jersey but am looking to get married in Long Island, I've heard some really great things, especially about Oheka Castle, so I'm thinking about trying to make that our venue.  Any thoughts?? Has anyone had Oheka's food? Because I'd rather not get an outside caterer for our wedding. 
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    I may be in the wrong board but im planning a wedding in queens (Astoria), NY. Which is the best board for me to join?

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    Hello Ladies,
    Just saying hi to everyone.. I'm new to this board. Getting married April 2011. This whole planning thing is getting to be so overwhelming, every time I think I accomplish something, a million other things come to mind! LOL i'm trying to get as much done as early as possible so I won't stress (as much)  as the day gets closer.  I just ordered my invitations today! YAYY!!!
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    Hello, I'm Melissa, just got engaged. We're torn on if we want to stay local, go upstate or do an all out destionation wedding, but we have some time to plan as he's still in grad school getting his PhD
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    Hello Ladies! 

    Congratulations to everyone!
    I have been engaged for a month and the stress of wedding planning is taking the fun out of getting married.  Does anyone else feel the same way? I am on a tight budget and some of the price quotes I've received for reception venues is making my head spin.  I hope we can help each other through this process.


  • Would love to be added to LI list....just started planning. Planning for Sept 2013 beach wedding on LI. thanks!
  • Hello,

    We got engaged last month and we are planning the wedding for October 2014.  Any ideas on affordable venues?  Preferablt 100 per person or under? Thanks! Happy Ppanning!
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    Would love to be added to LI list....just started planning. Planning for Sept 2013 beach wedding on LI. thanks!
    Posted by mutziee929
    Wow me too. congrats. Where is wedding gonna be?
    ceremony lighthouse.. most likey trying to find cheaper reception site.
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    Hello, We got engaged last month and we are planning the wedding for October 2014.  Any ideas on affordable venues?  Preferablt 100 per person or under? Thanks! Happy Ppanning!
    Posted by melhunny46
    Captain Bill's is what i'm looking at...
    Congrats. How is your dress shopping going? Did you show your finacee your idees of dress?
  • Hello all!  My fiance and I just got engaged 3 weeks ago!  I'm from LI and he is from Connecticut.  We both live here on LI.  We want to get married in late 2013 and have a small wedding (100 people).  Looking for a park we could get married in/have the reception.  I have a caterer (a friend) lined up already and just need to find a place that would allow him in.  My dream is to have a wedding in the forest! :)

  • Hi everyone!

    I'm a newbie to these boards -- been watching them for years but am finally engaged so I can chime in! My fiance and I got engaged 2 months ago and are just starting the process of planning a Summer 2014 wedding on LI. I was born and raised on LI, but we currently live down in MD by Washington, DC. So needless to say it's going to be interesting planning long distance while working full time and finishing up graduate school!

    Looking forward to chatting with everyone for the next year and a half or so :)

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    Hi Ladies , I'm Sue and I'm the mother of the bride. My daughter is getting married this Friday March 15, 2013 . The venue is Bridgeview Yacht Club. It has won on the show Four Weddings 3 times. I'm so excited about the day approaching. I just wanted to tell you about my experience at the following store..

    I would just like to tell all my long island friends about the bad time I had at THE WEDDING CENTER IN COMMACK.  I am the mother of the bride. I tried on many dresses and the lady tried to order me a dress a size bigger and longer. I'm 5 foot 7. I told her no that I wouldn't need the extra size or lenght she made me sign something that stated this..I chose my dress there, and then I got a phone call to come and get my dress. Well before I tried it on I noticed 4 spots in the front of the dress on the bodice that the dye didn;t take. I have a cranberry dress,. They told me it was too late to send it back that they will fix it.They did fix it but I'm sure that since it was 6 months before the wedding they could have sent it back. So a few weeks later I went to pick up my dress, I didn;t want to alter it there because they really weren't very nice. Then after I paid for my dress, the owner, a nice older man started a conversation with me. We were talking about Brooklyn and he thought he knew some family members that I had there. Well all of a sudden this older woman comes out and tells me why are you flirting with my husband. You aren't going to get any discount, you already paid for this dress. I looked at her and told her .. Lady my husband is 20years younger than your husband and I was just being nice to the old nice man.
    They were nasty there and they aren't very accomodating and I advise you to go somewhere else..
    Thanks Sue
  • Hi everyone. name is barine and might be moving to NY area. Look forward to knowing you all. My sister just had her wedding and her theme was macarons. If you ever need favors wedding or shower or gifts bridal party check out for awesome mini favors.
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