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We've only been engaged for a week but our budget is about $6,000 which I thought was reasonable but once I look at costs of everything I am concerned. I think we can ask some acquaintances to help out with things like music and coordinating.
I originally wanted November of 2016 but we realize that might be to tight of a timeframe to get everything we want so it will be more like Febuarary or April 2017  We won't be able to set a date until we talk to the Reverend and it may not be until we complete the membership courses that we are ale to do that. 

Does anyone have advice on the procedure for marriage in the episcopal church. We have been attending for 2 years and we know that is were we want to be married and also be apart of as far as starting our lives together. I am a little concerned though because we are not members and won't become official members until may 29th when we are conferred. I don't want to wait until then to start planning! I guess my question is does anyone have any experience with this? Has anyone been married in Christ Church on Wright Street and Palafox? (not old christ church)
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