Suggestions for florist?

I was wondering if any of you have a suggestion for a good florist? Our wedding is this coming May in Pasadena, and we will not be needing a whole lot of flowers: just 4 bouquets, 7 boutonnieres, and 2 corsages. Center pieces are DIY w/no floral aspect, and the flower girls will not be throwing real petals. Any suggestions are much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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    We are using Raimondi's florist.  I wanted to use Blue Iris, out of Catonsville, since that is where we are getting married in April, but they were booked.  Raimondi's is located in Columbia, and their prices were very fair and competitive.  We only have 6 bouquets, 9 bouts, and 3 corsages with seasonal flowers, and everything is quoted to be around $800, including 6% tax and the delivery fee ($30).

    Raimondi's claims their prices don't fluctuate much from season to season.  The caveat, however, is that I live in ATL, so I never actually got to see the shop or meet the florists.  Lia was very easy to work with over email and phone.

    Another option is Wessel's, in Ellicott City, but I was told late April was too late for tulips, and their prices were much steeper (we were quoted around $1100 for everything listed above, tax, and an $80 delivery fee).  Tulips were a must for me, foolish as that may be (c'mon, it's an April wedding!), so we shopped around.  Allison was easy to work with, too, but their prices were outside our budget.

    Hope this helps!

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