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No videographer?

Hello all! I'm wondering if there are any other brides that are not having or did not have a videographer. I want to record my wedding, but I was planning on just asking a family member to set up a tripod to record it. I know all of the fun happens at the reception so I'm just wondering if it's worth it to have a professional videographer there? 

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  • ILoveBeachMusicILoveBeachMusic Indiana
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    In hindsight I wish we had hired a videographer for my daughter's wedding. It would be nice to have the ceremony recorded because they had beautiful music. As for the reception, it would have been nice to have the spotlight dances and toasts recorded. I'm not so sure about video of dancing other than spotlight though.

  • bethsmilesbethsmiles Denver, CO
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    If it were in the budget I would hire a videographer. Unfortunately it's not in our budget, I couldn't find a decent one for under $3000 in my area. A lot of places I looked were around $1000 to film just the ceremony. We are just going to ask a friend or family member to record the ceremony for us. Our photographer is really great at capturing moments and not just posed pictures so hopefully he'll get a lot of great shots from the reception and we won't miss not having a video.

  • I didn't have a videographer and I don't regret it.  Some people like to watch their wedding movie on anniversaries, or with family.  DH and I are not that type of people.  I think i've looked at our wedding album once in 3 years.  
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    Didn't do it, too expensive, don't regret it. 

    I actually hate when there is a videographer taping the reception. I'm trying to shake my groove thing and there's a bright light on me and a camera. It's awkward. 

  • Thank you all for the feedback! I really appreciate it.
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    I had an excellent pro videographer. I knew I wanted a wedding video and I value it over my photos. It's a personal choice, but I highly recommend hiring one.
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  • I don't regret not having one. I know my brother did, and they've only watched the video once in 9 years (to show their kids). I was a little bummed I didn't get to hear my ring bearer apparantly yell "ladies and gentleman here comes the bride" when he got to the end of the aisle, but it just wasn't worth the cost for me.
  • FI and I are considering using a GoPro to film the ceremony. Just have it sit off the to side or maybe have the officiant wear a chest piece (totally kidding there).

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  • kaos16 said:
    I didn't have a videographer and I don't regret it.  Some people like to watch their wedding movie on anniversaries, or with family.  DH and I are not that type of people.  I think i've looked at our wedding album once in 3 years.  
    Exactly this. We knew we'd never watch it so we didn't hire a videographer.
  • We struggled with this question, but I just couldn't fathom not having at least the ceremony recorded. Everyone (or most people) say the day flies by and it's over before you know it, and I do not have a great memory, and I couldn't imagine forgetting aspects of the day. I also was not comfortable asking one of our guests to record anything - that basically moves them from guest to worker. So we did research and I basically set out to find the cheapest videographer that had experience and examples of his work. I found someone on craigslist and discussed price with him. We're paying $725 for a full ceremony video and an edited version of the reception. Not sure where you live, but in my area (North Jersey), that's super cheap. 

    But I got mixed answers when I asked people - some say they never watch and some say they watch it every year. So it really depends on your and FI's thoughts about what you will and won't remember and how much photography will catch.

    Good luck!
  • Looking back I wish I would have had someone video the ceremony. Our bridal party walked in together to Sharp Dressed Man and played it up from what I've heard. Of course I didn't see any of it as I was waiting in the wings for my big entrance. My husband got to see it all and was telling me about it and I knew it was a mistake to not have it recorded.
  • We are having a simple wedding and are not getting a videographer. My sister (who had a very large fancy wedding) had a videographer and has watched the video once ... 10 years ago. She has said it was not worth the price she paid. It would depend on your budget and interest in viewing things in the years to come. Good luck planning!
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