Pretty Venue that is BYO ???

Hi there! I have been searching for an affordable venue in the Denver/Rockies area that will allow us to use our own caterer as well as supply our own beverages.  Any
suggestions would be extremely helpful! smile 
Thank you!!! 

Re: Pretty Venue that is BYO ???

  • We got married at the Rembrant Yard in Boulder.  We could bring our own beer and caterer.  The thing with the beer they did ask for it not to be a keg because they have beautiful hardwood floors.  That worked well for us because we purchased the beer from total beverage and just returned what we didn't use.

    Also a friend got married at the Grant-Humphreys Mansion and was able bring in her own caterer and beverages. 
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    We are getting married at The Pines and Genesee and you can bring in your own alcohol (part of why we picked it!). They have a couple of liquor stores they work with who will deliver the alcohol and allow you to return & get a refund for anything that wasn't opened. You do have to use their catering but they have SO many options in a wide range of prices.

    Here's some pictures of the venue. I'm completely in love with it!

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