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Help with band for unique engagement ring?

I love my engagement ring, but it is an 100+ year old heirloom piece and I'm having a really difficult time finding a band to go with it. At this point, I'm considering moving my engagement ring to my right hand and just going with a band on my left. Or just ditching a band altogether. Can I get some opinions? I've attached the best option I've found so far. My wedding is in just over a month so I need to make a decision! Thank you ladies!

Re: Help with band for unique engagement ring?

  • Hmmm could you talk to a jeweler about doing something custom? Was it ever worn with a band by the owner?
  • kimmiinthemittenkimmiinthemitten Detroit, MI
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    Have you tried bands with the curve to fit around the diamond?  You could even do a top and bottom piece if you wanted.  

  • I would try talking to a jeweler about doing something custom to fit around your diamonds or maybe you'll get lucky with a curved band like in the PP.

    Below is mine, It's kind of hard to see (I tried to separate the band and e-ring to show it better.) We had a custom made simple white gold band that kind of form fits my e-ring. I was going to go with one that has some diamonds but I changed my mind and asked for a plain ring b/c I felt like it showed off the e-ring better. Mine has pretty subtle curves so yours would have to be a big more dramatic with the curves but I feel like it'd look really nice and if you want to add diamonds like the one in your picture it'd look really lovely too!

    The only bad part was I had to give up my e-ring for a week or so while they fitted the band to it!

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  • bohobrideCAbohobrideCA San Diego, CA
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    Your ring is so beautiful! I like the look of bands that have a gap but there are also so many options to get something custom that would look great. There are a lot of cool curved bands out there too. I'm going to have a similar issue because my diamond lays flat on my finger.

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    Agh, I am not sure why but doing something custom never crossed my mind! I can't even imagine what they could come up with but I'll go talk to someone. The curved option could also work. I haven't seen the rings with the curve off center before.
  • OurWildKingdomOurWildKingdom in the 216
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    Check Etsy too. FW and I got our engagement rings from Etsy and will get our wedding bands from them as well. Only problem is that you can't try them on first.
  • One thing to think of..will you pass the ring on? For example, my Dad proposed with an heirloom ring to my Mom. She chose to make it a right hand ring and get a larger band for a wedding ring.

    Her reason being, is that she wanted to give the ring to me, when I turned 21 (which was tradition with this ring, it just so happened it worked out as an e-ring for my mom).

    So, I got her e-ring, but she still had her wedding band, and then she "didn't feel naked" lol. She ended up getting a birthstone right hand ring. I wear the ring on my right hand now, but have a totally seperate ering, so no issue when I pass the heirloom to the next generation when they are 21.

    Just something to consider..
  • I actually LIKE the look of Erings with gaps. It also looks better when you wear the band on it's own - I find the curved ones look funny on their own.

    Here are some examples of other moi et toi rings w/ straight bands.



    If you're going custom and you want it to look symmetrical, you could get two bands made, opposites. One for the top, one for the bottom. It's also common in other cultures to either a) only wear the wedding band or b) switch the Ering to the other side. So those are options too.

  • I agree that you should speak with a custom jeweler.  When we started looking for my engagement ring, I found one I loved, but I did not at all love how the band curved to fit around it.  Great look on other hands, just not what I wanted.  I thought going custom would be through the roof expensive, so I was surprised when a jeweler told me that he could build the ring I was after, with a normal shaped band to fit around it.  If you don't want a band that fits the contour of the ring, you could definitely look into the jeweler making modifications to the engagement ring so that the stones sit just a little higher and a normal band will fit snuggly against it.  You might not want to do that if it's an heirloom, but it could also make the ring more stable to have it reworked and checked over.  Good luck!
  • i did a custom gold band to fit around my engagement ring, it's still in the works, but this is what they do: first you bring in your engagement ring and tell them what you want, then they give you potential ideas of how a band could fit around the engagement ring, then they carve a mock up out of wax that you can inspect and try on. If you approve, THEN they cast the ring. I saved some money having mine made by using the gold from my dad's old wedding ring (parents are divorced) and the jeweler bought back the remaining gold. they can carve the metal and make it match really well too. He told me he had one client who kept finding gold to make the ring out of, by the time he finished it he owed her money because of the gold! 

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