Call Me Old Fashioned..... Etiquette Woes

With all of the hip new fashion trends in weddings, planning right now is probably the most fun (and stressful) it has ever been. I love the new flairs I have included in my wedding like the candy buffet, and heavy hors d'oevres all night in lieu of a formal three course meal or buffet. I also love the old etiquette (always been a Ms. Manors myself) how to address the invitations, how to word them, who pays for what and when, who makes decisions and how. It makes everything so simple, there is a guideline that has been respected for ages. No tough choices or awkward conversation to be had when there is already a standard. That is until you seem to be the only person who knows the etiquette. Well that is the end of my complaint session, back to the grindstone :) #24daysandcounting
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