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Major venue regret!

has anyone else had major venue regret and switch venues? My wedding is now 4 months away, I have already sent out save the dates that said the original city the wedding would be in. I am considering changing to a different town (this would be about 45 minutes away from the original wedding city but will not add any additional travel time for most of our guests to travel). For those flying in they would still be flying in to the same airport. 

Should I notify everyone of the updated wedding city? Just update them when I send out the wedding invitations? 

Re: Major venue regret!

  • I would do word of mouth/ Facebook message or similar to accompany the invites just in case anyone was confused.
  • Oh and I don't think you have go into the reasons, just explain that the venue has changed.
  • Make sure anyone flying in knows so they can change their hotel, too, if they booked early. 
  • Did you have a room block in the original city? Will you have one in the new city? If you have a lot of guests traveling and they've already made reservations I would call them or email them directly to let them know you've made a change in the city. Lots of people book travel 4 months ahead of time, especially if it's a busy time of year so I'd make sure you contact them directly. I wouldn't wait until invites go out. I would also call and get a room block as soon as you can in the new city if you have travelers. 

    This is might be an unpopular opinion, but I think it's a bad idea to change entire cities from what you originally sent out on save the dates if you have a lot of people traveling and don't tell them until the invitations. I understand that sometimes it's unavoidable but waiting until 6-8 weeks out to tell people you're changing your mind isn't the best plan. 
  • SP29SP29 member
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    I would tell those whom you sent a STD to ASAP in case they have booked a hotel or car rental.

    This can be done informally, as a STD is informal, but make sure you do make contact with these guests.
  • I'm not having regrets per se, but bummed we didn't have the money we have now a little sooner so we could have the wedding at Shedd Aquarium or one of the Chicago Museums. I'm still absolutely in love with our current spot though.

    Definitely make sure to update everyone asap, I would confirm this with a call too just in case someone didn't look closely at the changes. I'm guilty of thinking, "Ummm you already sent me this stuff..." and not giving it a second glance. 

    Good luck, and I hope the new venue works out better for you!

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  • Start with checking your contract!!!  You do not want to discover you're on the hook for the entire amount plus deposits.  This is one of the many reasons not to send STD's...  Things happen and details can change rapidly.  Yes, call people up who don't have internet connections with you and let them know once you've got the details officially booked/set. 
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    I completely changed mine at 65 days out. My deposit was refundable until 60 days out- make sure to checks yours. Mine was only about a 15 minute difference in location and we had nobody staying in hotels so it wasn't a big deal. Yours sounds like more people so I'd let them know well before invitation time.



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