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My shower is in a couple of weeks and I'm at a loss as to what get the hosts as a thank you.

My first thought was gift cards to a treatment they enjoy, like a massage for my cousin, mani/pedi for my sister, but then I can't think of a gift card for my best friend.

How much did you spend and how did you determine what to get?

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  • I would spend in the $15-$25 dollar range or what you can afford if that is too much. We had recently been on vacation just before DD's shower. She bought the hostesses a candy specific to the area where we had been. It isn't something that can be easily bought in our area. They all seemed to love it.
  • MobKazMobKaz Chicago suburbs
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    Gifts I have received as a hostess have included flowers, fruit bouquet, gift card for pedi, restaurant gift card ("Thanks for making a delicious brunch; have a meal out on me" sentiment), home baked goods (incorporating my favorite tastes), and cleaning service for a day (too generous a gift honestly).

    It is meant to say, "Thank you", or "I appreciate your kindness".    It is not meant to be a large gift, in my opinion.

  • I printed pictures of my BMs with their SOs or kids, ones I had taken that I knew they didn't have hanging in their house and bought nice frames to match their styles. I wanted them to have something nice and not wedding related to say thank you. 
  • After my bridal and baby showers, I gave the hostesses a bottle of their favorite wine/prosecco and of course a heartfelt thank you card.  
  • I gave the hostess for my shower a gc to her favourite bookstore. For my bachelorette, I'm giving the three ladies gc for their favourite restaurants. I spent $30/person.
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    A heartfelt thank you card or note is always appropriate. In addition to that, you could give a bottle of wine, flowers, and/or a gift certificate to their favorite store, restaurant, or activity. Or if you know of something else appropriate tailored to their personal tastes between about $20-$30 per head, that could also work.
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    Thanks all! I think I was able to come up with a few good ideas; ironically my best friend is the one I'm struggling with the most. 
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    I purchased nice bottles of champagne for my hosts.
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  • I had so much fun with this, my best friend was easy because she loves to bake. I went to a local specialty kitchen store and got some cool baking items that you didn't find at normal stores. She loved it all and they are actually useful. Just go with something that has to do with their hobbies or interests.

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