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Find me a venue, PLEASE!

FI and I are having the HARDEST time finding a venue. I really didn’t think my list of requirements was such an ordeal to most venues:

1. Open catering agreement (my friend owns a catering business and would like to cater for our wedding — she is licensed and insured)

2. Opportunity to set up the day before (I will glady pay some money for the couple of hours we’ll need to do this)

3. 250 person capacity

4. Around the $3,000 mark

These are, apparently, the four most difficult criteria to put together. I have been through every single venue suggestion site with minimal luck. We have one venue in mind (La Poste in Perry, IA), but it’s outside of the Greater Des Moines area where most of our guests will be coming from. We’d rather be in town for those guests as any out of towners will be getting hotels regardless. Ideally, we’d like the venue to have a vintage/classic vibe (see or the recently closed Hotel Fort Des Moines,%20Ft%20DM%20ballroom.jpg) as we are doing an Old Hollywood theme, but we would be happy in a simple, plain but pretty venue such as Jasper Winery ( if only they held 250 people.

We are getting married at a church in Jefferson, IA, so we will also consider venues between Jefferson and Des Moines, or even between Jefferson and Ames.

There are several places that are perfect in the last three categories, but are contracturally obligated to use a specific caterer or catering groups. Please, if anyone has any ideas for a venue in the Greater Des Moines area with the above criteria, let me know. Help me out!

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