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Rehearsal Dinner Suggestions?

Hi fellow wedding planners! I'm looking for suggestions for a rehearsal dinner venue in downtown Lancaster, PA or Elizabethtown, PA.  I'm estimating about 50-60 people. Any suggestions? Thanks! 

Re: Rehearsal Dinner Suggestions?

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    This board is international - you will probably get better responses on your local board. Would you like me to move this post?

  • You're best to post this to your local PA boards (right hand side of the screen you'll see a drop-down that says "Wedding Boards" - drop that down to "Local Boards" then scroll to your local PA board.

    Having traveled a lot to that area, check out the Revere Tavern.  The real challenge is what your budget is!
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  • Do others have active local boards? I'm in Phoenix, Az--that board is quiet as a mouse. Does anyone have any other suggestions for finding local feedback/suggestions?
  • Does anyone use the local boardsearch? Every time I check mind out they're so quiet, I forget about them.

    That said, Lancaster has a bunch of great breweries. I haven't been to any for a rehearsal dinner, but I'd start there. 
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