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Pre-wedding Parties

FH's Work Shower

greeninspringgreeninspring member
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edited April 2017 in Pre-wedding Parties
So my FH works at a large manufacturing facility with about 500 people on site. He is one of about 50 or so managers at that site. He has worked there less than a year. 

From what he tells me, there is kind of an "older group" of managers and "younger group" of managers. The older group is always throwing housewarmings, baby showers, wedding showers for everyone in the young group who is going through all these life events. They threw him a housewarming party even when he had only worked there about 2-3 months at a time. They are all very nice people! 

We sent out our wedding invitations about a month ago, and we only invited 3 of his coworkers since our guest list was already pretty set before he got this new job. 

Well apparently about 2 weeks ago, the ladies in his office asked him where we were registered and let him know they were throwing him a shower. They had the shower last week and I think about 15-20 of the managers in his department were there. It was also a joint shower for another guy who recently had a baby. 

Was my FH in the wrong to accept this shower since we didn't invite all these people to the wedding? 

Re: FH's Work Shower

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