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Resort changed to adults only after everything organized


we used and have spoken to Desrine this entire time. We got everything set up, invited guests and many people are already in the payment plan for the wedding at RIU paradise Island in the Bahamas on February 2018.

i have learnt in forums that they were going under renovation this July. NOBODY NOTIFIED US! 

When i I contacted them, they said it was fine and it would be ready by October so we could relax.

then I have learnt a month later that the resort will change to adults only and NOBODY NOTIFIED US !!

when I contacted them, Desrine didn't know anything about it .. sunwing didn't know anything about it... the head office of Riu resort didn't know anything about it.

we kept calling Riu paradise Island on our own and just spoke to the manager there who confirmed is officia and they won't accept kids by the time of our wedding.


i just sent a msg to Desrine at and I just hope they will refund all our money and all the time I spent finding the perfect resort, building the website and inviting all guests will be just wasted.

now I need a new family friendly resort.

im just glad I didn't pay the venue reservation at the cloister since the ceremony was going to be hell there and would have make me lose 5k just from it.

im so frustrated.

Re: Resort changed to adults only after everything organized

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    I just tried to make a reservation on the hotel's website in February for 2 adults and 2 kids. And it let me book (I obviously did not pay or anything). So, I'm not surprised your agent has not found out about this yet. If the Riu changes their policy, they should refund you. Did you happen to purchase insurance as well?


  • Yes we did.

    we are talking to her.. she has been GREAT so far but this was obviously a bummer. And not being notified either by the agent and/or the resort is seriously unacceptable.

    what if I wasn't looking and researching ? When would they let me know ??? 
  • Be mad (I would be livid) but don't waste anytime dwelling about "what ifs" until you have your new wedding plans. I would tell your VIPs and have them spread the word, just in case dates have to be changed so no one buys plane tickets for their kids etc.

    Once that is figured out by all means LAY into them.  Sorry you're going through this.

  • Jells2dot0Jells2dot0 Cowtown
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    My comment about the agent not knowing is because it sounds like the Riu has not not publicly addressed this change yet. If you can still book kids on their website, their website only mentions the renovations and NOT the policy change, and it's nowhere else to be found on the internet, it's not surprising that it hasn't leaked out to the tour operators and agents. 

    That being said, I totally agree with lnixon- go ahead and start making plans for alternate locations, dates, etc. Your agent should be able to help you figure things out that fit within budget. If you can get clarity from Riu before you place any additional deposits, perhaps you can still salvage your plans there. If not, then you'll have all your ducks in a row to move to another location. Thankfully, you still have time! I know some resorts will just change ownership or close with only a few weeks notice. 


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