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Back fat in wedding dress

I had my second dress fitting, and I noticed that I have pretty noticeable back fat in my dress.  I don't know what to do about that at this point, but it's making me feel pretty self-conscious.  My wedding is in a month, so there's not much time for weight loss.

Re: Back fat in wedding dress

  • I think you look great and I KNOW you are overthinking it.

    -On the week of your wedding try to avoid salty foods that make you retain water.
    -This sounds strange but do you have a moh, sister or mom that wouldn't mind pushing it down with their hands? I did this for a friend and have had friends do it for me for bridesmaid dresses (yay DB sample dresses that are super stretched out!)

  • Thank you!  Those are both good tips.  The seamstress had me adjust my boobs after getting the dress on, but I didn't think about adjusting other things.
  • You are thin and you look wonderful! You're going to be a lovely bride. It may be hard to not think about it, but try your best not to - focus on love and enjoying the day.

    Unfortunately this just kind of goes with the territory of strapless dresses since they have to be tighter around that area in order to stay up.

  • You look amazing! FWIW, and maybe it's just the angle of the photo, but it appears the back of the dress is not adjusted exactly to the middle of your back (it looks like the top of the buttons are pushed over just slightly to the left side of your back), which might be giving you the impression that you have back fat (you do not, BTW). Next time you try on the dress, try seeing if someone can help you adjust the line of buttons so they lie right in the middle of your back - hopefully that small adjustment will set your mind at ease and you will see the great bride that we see!!
  • Thank you!  Y'all are really sweet.  I hadn't noticed that the dress wasn't centered.  I'll definitely look for that next time.  I've been feeling self-conscious because I wanted to lose 30 pounds before the wedding, but instead I would lose 10 pounds, gain it back, lose 10 again, and gain it back again.  Luckily, my dress does a pretty great job of hiding flaws and highlighting positives.
  • You are overthinking this!  Really!  You look great.  RELAX and have a cupcake, You really do look good.  Learn some bodybuilding posing, for how to do a lat spread in your photos - it's about how you hold yourself in this case.  Ask any of my fitness model and bodybuilder friends including those who have pro cards, even they can look less than flattering in a photo if they're slouchy and relaxed.  

    If you want to take action, it's not about weight loss, it's about adding some muscle to give you tone and eating to promote the process (the "Everything tastes like egg whites, chicken, tuna, or spinach/greens").  Weight loss comes secondary and not always an indicator of success.  You won't get bulky because you don't have enough testosterone in your system if you hit the weight room hard.  The other thing is, it's not about a "look good for the wedding" mindset, it's about looking that great to yourself (this type of change is ONLY about you!) in the mirror on your fifth to fiftieth anniversary.  
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  • You look stunning. Also, I can't pull my eyes away from those beautiful buttons.

    I read an APW article recently that included a line about dresses inventing fat, which made me chuckle. You may find it worth reading.
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  • Thank you, everyone!  

    I've never thought about trying bodybuilding poses.  That's intriguing.  I've thought about trying to do some weightlifting because I actually enjoy it, but I worry about adding muscle under the fat because I don't want to make the dress tighter.

    That article is so real!  Haha they really do invent fat.  I've never had this problem in other clothes.  I really like their take on bridal beauty and the pursuit of perfection.  I'm trying to keep that in mind, but it's easier said than done.
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    You look great!! Another thought- did your seamstress build in an internal belt? My friend had that- it distributes the weight of the dress to your waist so it's not just your boobs and hips holding the dress up. If there was more support, the snugness up top wouldn't give the appearance of fat that's really not there. 

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