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So job searching/applying/interviewing sucks. It's just bad all around. And H has been doing it for a LONG time. I get that, and I'm supportive, I listen, do all the things to help. Well he's still in a terrible mood. Cranky all the time, short, miserable, whatever. Today we get in yet another spat because he's so short/cranky with me. A few times he's said things like "well at least you got an interview" and when we've applied for similar/the same job "well why did they contact you and not me" but this morning it was "Stop complaining or being negative about the interview last week, because I'm not getting anything". Okay, I get it, this sucks, but seriously this isn't cool. I have no control over when/whether/if jobs contact me, and there's nothing I can do about them not contacting you. 

Venting here so I don't vent at him. Anyone else need to vent today?

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  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston
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    Sure. I applied for a job and was supposed to have a phone interview last Wednesday. I get an email that morning saying that they have to reschedule the phone interview. Then yesterday I got an email saying sorry, we filled the position. I never got the phone interview, let alone a live interview. Maybe I was better qualified than whoever they hired, but I never got to demonstrate that to them.

    I'm also pissed at my boss for issuing the payroll a day too late. Yesterday was payday, but my paycheck didn't arrive until this morning.
  • @charlotte989875  Definitely jealousy/envy. I can't lie, I'd probably feel the same if M and I were going for same job and he got something and I didn't.

    Vent: M knows he's a procrastinator and admits to it. Yet he still does it! I am the ONLY one who cleans up or seems to give a fuck about how our place looks.

    But something he wants? It has to get done ASAP! Like fuckkkkk .... I've gotten pissed at him about that before. So it's not like he doesn't know.

    Wtf dude!
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  • @charlotte989875 my H & I are both super competitive by nature, so I can definitely say at least one of us would be feeling the same if we were in the same boat. Sometimes it's as simple as a resume reorganization - can your H revamp/reorganize his resume to draw more attention to areas he wants to highlight? 

    My vent: I am leading the pursuit of a large/high priority deadline, which is due both hard copy and electronic on Monday. I have sent out two drafts in the last two weeks and have tried to initiate meetings to discuss the status/what is still needed in this time. Not only to try to ensure that the team would have plenty of time to review/revise/perfect, but also to maximize my own time, since my team is so short-staffed. Only just yesterday afternoon has anyone that I have been reaching out to in the last two weeks started to think about this deadline. So now, in the last 4 business days (three really) that we have to wrap this up, I still have to donate nearly 100% of my time to drafting/editing/facilitating/etc. Which I don't technically have because I have other things that are priorities that need my time and effort as well, because we are short on people. You can lead a horse to water and all...
  • kimmiinthemittenkimmiinthemitten Detroit, MI
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    I had my first post-reduction MRI and I'm freaking out internally.  The path from my surgery reported some benign but funky cells so I think most people would be freaking out.  Logically I know if I didn't have cancer 6 months ago, I probably don't today.  Logically, I know I'll be okay either way, and blah blah blah.  But,  damn H.  Just let me freak out internally, stop trying to make me feel better and if you want to do something, pour me more wine.

    @charlotte989875 that's gotta be hard on both of you, I'm sorry!
  • I've talked about this previously on the daily updates posts, but the botched merger of my previous bank has reared its very ugly head again.

    I've already switched to another bank completely.  But still had to turn in my new direct deposit form to the company I work for p/t.  So I've kept my old account open, JUST for the direct deposit that should have been hitting today.

    Except nobody bothered telling me my routing number would no longer be valid after May 12th (last Friday).  I mean, GEEZ, give a person a chance!  So now my direct deposit is going to be bounced back to that company and who knows when I'll receive it.

    I'm assuming it will take 1-3 business days for the deposit to be returned and possibly another few business days for it to be re-processed with my new account.  I'm also a little annoyed about that.  I contacted my scheduler with that company a few hours ago about what happened and to get a rough timeline.  But no response or even acknowledgement of the e-mail yet.

    The one thing I'm looking forward to is marching into the bank on Friday and closing that account for good.  I am so sick of that bank messing up my money and my banking.

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  • atomicblondeatomicblonde The Shire
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    My vent:

    People who tell me my feelings aren't invalid and that they "understand" while in the same breath admit to holding me to a different behavioral standard/treat me "differently" (read: in a way that invalidates everything you just said in the first half of your breath) "because reasons," and then don't understand why I'm pissed and don't want to talk.

    Also: Summer has arrived with a vengeance and I'm already sick of it.

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