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Cocktail style reception

We are NOLA transplants of 4 years that will be getting married here this fall and would like to have a traditional New Orleans cocktail style reception, which I've been told is the norm. I'm a little worried that our midwestern families will not understand the informal dinner. I've also been told it's the norm to not have a seat for everyone. Our coordinator recommended we have seated tables for about 50% and highboys for about 30%, which would leave another 20% without a place to eat at any given time. She reassured us that she's been to many weddings like this and they always work out just fine. Any thoughts on this? 

Re: Cocktail style reception

  • This is the style of my NOLA wedding, and the style of so many I've been to (even outside of NOLA). I've never seen anyone confused (or upset) about how things work, it's pretty simple since everyone eats whenever they want and there is usually food everywhere.

    If you have a rocking band, most people will never even sit down or notice there wasn't a plated dinner.

    You could also have some "soft" seating like sofas, arm chairs, and ottomans scattered so there are options for the other 20%.

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