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My wedding is a destination wedding. The ceremony will be on the beach, 1/4 mile away from hotel(where reception is) There is a separate address my venue gave for the ceremony. Basically just down the road, do I put the address for the ceremony or the hotel address on the invite? I'm going to put an insert explaining that shuttles will take everyone to ceremony. I feel like that might be confusing to people trying to get to hotel initially or during the weekend if they try to use the ceremony address in GPS or cab/Uber. Thoughts?

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    How about this?

    The pleasure of your company is requested
    at the marriage of
    Bride's Name
    Groom's Name
    Day, Date
    at two o'clock
    on the beach at
    City, Country

    (Reception card)
    Reception following ceremony
    Hotel Name
    City, Country
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