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I have a question for everyone. I am having 2 of my brothers as my brides men and I have 2 bridesmaids. My fiance has 4 groomsmen total. We went to pick out suits and had to change them so they are rentable since not all can afford to buy an expensive suit. My brothers insist on buying their suits even though the suits we picked out can't be bought they are only rentals. My mom wants my brothers to buy the suits too. I have explained multiple times to them that they can't buy them it's only rental. Should I have it where the groomsmen have different suits than my brides men? My fiance's suit will be different from the groomsmen anyways it's just a matter of making my mom (mostly) and brothers happy.

Re: Suits for groomsmen and brides men

  • As long as they are all similar (black, one button or light grey or what have you) no one will notice that the men are wearing different suits. Let them buy if they want. It is no big deal. :)
  • Also if you want them matching say so. If they want to buy the suits so that they can have something they can use later in another situation they can go and buy another suit you're not stopping them. If you want them matching say,
    'Hey I know you guys wanted to buy one but it's not possible and I'd really prefer it if you could all be the same.'
    I hope they'd understand.
    Up to you.
  • I would say as long as they're the same color (black, light gray, etc), no one is really going to notice. If your brothers have the same suit and the GMs have a different one (but all 4 of them are the same), it also might help differentiate the bridesmen from groomsmen. 
  • Why can't they buy them? Get the product information from the rental agency and google it. Unless they're made exclusively for the rental company, you should be able to find a place that sells them.

    If that doesn't work, find a close alternative and tell them to buy that suit. If it's a basic black/grey/navy suit, this shouldn't be too much of an issue. 

  • There is no reason that the men should wear identical suits.  They are suits, not uniforms.  As long as they are in the same color family, this is fine. 

  • Why not find cheaper suits (comparable to the rental cost) and have them all buy them? What is the budget? 
  • I agree that if you can get it matched close enough, no one will notice.  I had my brother as a bridesman, also.  What we did was put all the men in the wedding in tuxes.  My brother and my husband's brother had a tux, and we had two other guys we bought tuxes for.  My husband bought a really beautiful tux that he'll wear for many years to come.  There were subtle differences between each of the tuxes and no one noticed.  The one who looked the most different was my husband - he wore wing collar and peak lapel, so his tux was definitely fancier than the others.  But in general, almost no one will be able to tell.

    You pretty much have two options - straight up tell your brothers to please for your sake get with the program and wear the rented tuxes, or just let them buy something that matches closely and forego the drama.  On the day of, you will be looking into your fiancé's eyes when you are saying your vows and you will not be thinking about their suits.  And when you remember the day in photos, the suits won't matter as much as the photos of you and your husband : )
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