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New York-Long Island

The Watermill,Timber Point, Fox Hollow

Hello Everyone!

My fiance and I have been looking at venues for the past few weeks and I wanted to see everyone's opinions on the following places! We are looking for a medium sized (175 people invited), budget friendly wedding. We are looking to do either a Friday or Sunday night wedding. (Also...how does everyone feel about Sunday night weddings? How late is too late? Do people find them bothersome?)

How are the food in these places? Did anyone have a good or bad experience there? Any info about them would be great!!

Venues we are highly considering are:
The Fox Hollow
TImber Point
The Watermill

Thanks everyone!

Re: The Watermill,Timber Point, Fox Hollow

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    The Fox Hollow and The Watermill are wonderful. I am having mine at the Fox Hollow, but have been to a couple events at the Watermill and both were excellent. We went to look at Timberpoint, but didn't like it at all, the room as a terrible layout and looks a bit old but their prices are great and their food is supposed to be good.
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  • nicole1125nicole1125 member
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    Im also I fox hollow bride! yay! Its soo nice there and very reasonably priced, I have never been too the other two but I hear great things at the Watermill also but Im gonna say Fox Hollow alllll the way :)
  • nicole1125nicole1125 member
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    Also, Im not crazy about Sunday night weddings, I personally have off Mondays so for me it's ok but most people do not and it can be inconvenient, Friday nights are usually cheaper then Sat so check into that.  But if your thinking Sunday then I would do it earlier in the day. Good Luck!
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    I looked at Timer Point and hated the room. It was laid out terribly, and the dance floor is SO small. The decor of the place also reminded me of my Grandmothers livingroom, IMHO.
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  • smatuzasmatuza member
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    i havent been to an event at any of these nor did i have my own wedding at them.  i did look at fox hollow but it didn't suit my needs, i thought my party would be much too cramped in the room they wanted to put us in. 

    as far as sunday or friday weddings, as a guest i much prefer a friday night wedding because i would rather take a half day then take a full day.  if it were a sunday wedding, i'd rather a day wedding and then it's a totally different vibe.  i think most people would leave early if it were a sunday night wedding to prepare for work the next day.
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  • alithebridealithebride member
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    i prefer late night friday weddings and receptions-not mid day and evening.
    no idea where timber point is
    watermill-too far for me.
    fox hollow-have been many times-perhaps 12 or 13 over the years. not crazy about it. valet lines are a pain as there are always other events going on, shared bathrooms-long lines, cocktail hour area outside is small and inconvenient, food-eh, service-eh. i've been there a few times where i was up dancing and salad was served. because i wasn't at my seat i didn't get one. that's happened more than once. dessert too. rooms feel cramped. we didn't even consider them for  our wedding.


  • Carritz08Carritz08 member
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    My reception was at Timber Point, and yes the layout is a bit awkward in comparison to some other venues, but you have to remember that it was once someone's estate.  What I loved about it was that you truly got that warm, intimate, "homey" feeling when you walked in.  The outside cocktail area/patio was also a feature we loved.  Service and food was incredible, and the price was fairly reasonable.  I would highly recommend it to any bride and groom.
  • AnnaR29AnnaR29 member
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    I love Fox Hollow.  I am having my reception there in February, on a Sunday on night.  It is a three day weekend so I am hoping people have off.  But I am not worried about it because people who want to be there will come.
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    I love the Fox Hollow.. I decided to my wedding there next August 2011 on a Friday night , it's cheaper then a Saturday night wedding by far.. not to found of a Sunday night wedding, if it's money that concerns u.. Do a Sunday afternoon or maybe a Saturday afternoon? I also agree with Anna, the ppl that want to be there will..   GOOD LUCK!
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    I had my prom at the Watermill 9 years ago and thought the cocktail hour was good but the dinner itself I did not care for at all.

    I went and considered the Fox Hollow and liked them very much.  I thought that they were very generous with their budget friendly approach and the room with all the windows was amazing.  I personally have not eaten there but I've heard really good things about it.
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  • LMoncloud9LMoncloud9 member
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    The Watermill is nice. I had a senior ball there and the place was really nice. The tables were done up for our ball and they looked really pretty. 
    As for Fox Hollow, I honestly wasn't impressed. There is a lot of construction going on when we were there. They only had one room to really fit the amount of people we're having (180) and that one is under construction. Both my fiancee and I were not comfortable booking for a place that we really didn't know what the end result would look like. 
    I also read in a lot of different places that Fox Hollow is very anti - after party. I would read some reviews about it if I were you. 
    Even though the grounds were nice at Fox Hollow all of the construction was a turn off and it is still right off the high way. You can see the roofs of the houses behind it right over their fence. 
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