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The robes in action

We were staying at a hotel in Cleveland this weekend where the rooms open up overlooking a beautiful arcade where they have wedding receptions. At 10am I saw two bridesmaids in little silky robes trying to wheel a large cart full of bridal party flowers (there were 11 bridal attendants) to the room. They were fighting to keep the robes closed and the cart straight. 

My daughter and I went and helped them get the flowers to the room. They told us the bride insisted they get the flowers in their robes so they could take pictures doing it. Surprise there a two strangers in a few of them!

Re: The robes in action

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    missfrodo said:
    lyndausvi said:
    Why are there no shots of the GM's in robes doing work?
    Hmm yes someone with hot (willing!) groomsmen should definitely flip the script and stage some goofy getting ready photos in short silky robes...
    It's amazing how the bridal industry has managed to convince not only the brides, but ALL THEIR FRIENDS, that this is acceptable, even mandatory, behavior during one's wedding.  Could you imagine if a groom tried this?  
    "Hey fellas, I bought us all matching silk boxers with 'groomsman' printed on the butt for us to wear for pictures while we get ready!"  Their friends would laugh out loud in their face.  Thank God most men don't read too deeply into wedding mags/Pinterest!  On the other hand, I could see this as a new scene in a "Magic Mike" movie...
    That would be hilarious! That said, I do know a few gay guys who might pull a stunt like that if they weren't already married.
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