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Previously owned wedding dress sites?

I just had chemo, and a lovely nurse is looking for a previously owned wedding dress to save money.  Very practical!  What are the best websites for this?  Thanks!

Re: Previously owned wedding dress sites?

  • Before going to one of the sites, I'd wholeheartedly recommend a trip to David's or her local bridal shop's clearance rack with a support crew to back her up that will be FIRM "NO - this is the budget AFTER alterations have been completed" (if they don't have the dress in-store in her size, someone with her can look it up online to get it from their online inventory).  The advantage is she'll have access to someone for any alterations that may need to be done no matter how minor and steaming/pressing it once.  David's also has their online clearance that sometimes has dresses for as low as $39.  

    Google locally - we have a huge consignment bridal shop near here and there are others scattered around.  Any time you can go someplace and try it on is superior to buying blind.  

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    I used bravo bride to sell some of my stuff after we were married and it was fine. I were going to buy, I'd probably look at local gown resellers instead of online, because of not being able to try something on. I'm a huge online shopping fan, but I wedding dress sizing is so weird. 

    I applaud her for going second hand. One, it's eco-friendly to avoid single use dresses. Plus, she will probably be able to get a much better quality dress than the David's option. 

    Make sure she checks out the return policy of anywhere she looks!
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    Well, this is Grand Junction, CO.  There is a David's Bridal here, and two other small shops that only carry a very few designers.  She knows about Davids, but she wants to keep her options open.  Denver is a good four hour or more drive - one way- on the other side of the Rocky Mountains, and would take an entire weekend for her IF she could get a Friday off work.  Friday is their busiest day.  Salt Lake City is four hours in the other direction.
    I think she is being sensible and realistic about looking for previously worn bridal gowns.  My own gown was a sample, well used, and I was proud of it.  My sister even BORROWED her gown!  (Gorgeous!)
    I know some people have recommended certain online websites.  I did advise her to stay away from Ebay, Etsy, or Chinese websites!
  • A friend of mine Rent the Runway'd her dress! I bought mine from Similar to David's but less well know. I spent less than $250 including alterations. 

  • @lovesclimbing my SIL wore a Rent-the-Runway dress when she got married in April. It was perfect. 

    I know it's quite a drive, but if she could afford to make a weekend out of it, I would plan a trip to Denver (before the weather gets nasty) and hit up some shops where I could physically try stuff on. 

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