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Overcharged wedding gown

I purchased a wedding gown from a boutique in Florida. The owner of the salon helped me and told me the dress I wanted they didn't have it in store, but Amsale could custom make it for me. She took two dresses she had in stock, and showed me we could do the top and the bottom together, and that it was original and would cost more since it was custom.

It turned out the gown was a dress from one of their lines, and she wrote it up to look custom on the receipt. Charged me $1300 for the top of the gown, and $3900 for the bottom of the other gown. The dress she pieced together is the "Rowan" dress by amsale, and retails for $4090. She charged me $5300 for a "custom" dress that they could have ordered. I'm wondering what I can do to justify this situation. I would appreciate any feedback from anyone in the industry!  I feel very cheated, and I really had no idea I needed to do more research before shopping for a gown. 

Re: Overcharged wedding gown

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