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Intimate wedding/destination Help!

My fiance and I are planning on a destination wedding in New Orleans in November 2018.  Only are close family/friends will be attending which is an approximate 40 people.  I am having a hard time finding a location for a ceremony/reception for 40 people.  Most of them are saying that we would need a minimal of 50-75 people.  
We are planning on a very simple ceremony/reception.  My uncle would like to officiate the ceremony and for the reception we're just looking for a relaxed atmosphere with music/dinner. 
Does any one having any insight on different New Orleans locations that would work for us?  
Thank you!

Re: Intimate wedding/destination Help!

  • spizzalatospizzalato New Orleans
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    A lot of the restaurants in the quarter can do intimate weddings. Broussards, Antoines, and Muriels come to mind initially. I'm pretty sure House of Broel uptown will do small weddings also. It's been a while since I venue shopped, but from what I remember the Bourbon Orleans also has an intimate space. There's also the conservatory at City Park. Hope that helps some! 
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