Tipping an owner?

We are getting married at a small bed and breakfast. They are providing set-up, take-down, tables, chairs and linens. All other services (catering, bar, DJ, tent/dance floor rentals, etc.) are provided by other vendors. The owner of the B&B has been our main point of contact, and will also serve as a day of coordinator. We feel like the price was on the high end, but the contract doesn't have specifics as to what the cost covers (no service fee or gratuity mentioned). Do we need to tip?

Also, our caterer (a food truck--buffet style) has a service fee on the invoice -- about 20% of the total. Is a service fee and gratuity the same for catering?

Thanks in advance for your help!!!

Re: Tipping an owner?

  • I would consider the service fee to be the gratuity. The rule of thumb is that owners aren't tipped; however, I do know that people will tip MUA, hairstylists, and photographers even if they are the owners. I think it is up to you to make a decision.
  • I personally wouldn't tip the owner of the B&B.  But, if they do a great job, I'd make sure to give them a detailed positive review on places like Yelp.

    I'd double check with the food truck as to what the 20% service fee covers.  But I'm also assuming that is the tip to the staff.

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    I wouldn't assume the service charge is a tip. My caterer had an 18% service charge and the contract specifically said it was not a gratuity to the staff. I would ask to make sure. 

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