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    Glad the endoscopy went smoothly, @CharmedPam!

    @levioosa, please keep us posted on your SO’s sister!

    Fingers crossed for you, @MissKittyDanger!

    Fantastic news, @OliveOilsMom! Congratulations!

    @6fsn, isn’t it funny the things we get excited about as adults?

    It’s been a hectic couple days at work, but I went to an awesome meeting last night and I think I found a new mechanic. This place is less than five minutes walk from my job *and* they’re open late. Their prices are reasonable too, and they’re honest and explain how everything works in a way I can understand without talking down to me. 
  • @kwiksilver yay!!!! So glad to hear!!

    You got a pm bc tk just let me know yesterday you sent it a month ago ☹️
  • congrats @MissKittyDanger ; I ended up with the digital ones that say Pregnant  Not Pregnant because I got tired of deciphering the lines. 
  • @kvruns that’s the exact reason I got the digital pregnant/not pregnant ones. Well that and I have severe self doubt so I was stressed that I would be second guessing myself. 
  • @kwiksilver, so glad to hear the first ultrasound went well!
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